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Travelers! You are about to get in touch with a rural accommodation for a reservation request! Take a few minutes to read and accept our terms of payment and cancellation.

Our terms of payment and cancellation have been drafted to be as readable, clear and understandable as possible. We want you to be fully informed of these conditions (read and accepted) before contacting with the selected accommodation. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@villagemonde.com.

Village Monde is an international non-profit organization with the aim of promoting and developing rural tourism as a source of life and development within remote or marginalized communities. To support its mission, Village Monde has developed the collaborative technology platform Villagemonde.com which serves both to communities and travelers (the platform). This collaborative platform aims to build bridges between the world of remote communities that wish to welcome travelers and the world of travelers in search of authentic and responsible tourism.

Technology Platform

The platform facilitates the direct contact between villages, organizations or owners who have an offer of accommodation that directly benefits their community (“the Host”), and travelers seeking this sort of accommodation and responsible tourism (” the Traveler “). The platform includes the site https://villagemonde.com, apps for tablets and phones for the use of Hosts and Travelers as well as software and trademarks. You hereby agree that the booking and any contractual relationship shall be entered and maintained directly between you and the Host. Village Monde will just act as provider of the technology platform.

The current payment and cancellation terms shall be considered as an integral part of the general terms of use of the Village Monde platform.

Reservation and Payment Process

In order for you to be able to use our tools and to make your direct bookings with the hosts much easier you will be required to become a registered user of the platform, which implies that you previously have read and accepted these terms of use, as well as those included in the Traveler’s Charter. In addition you must be logged into your member account in order to make any reservation.

Once you have selected your accommodation the number of travelers and your desired accommodation dates trough the Villagemonde.com platform you will be ready to press the button “reservation request”: at that moment we will sent a reservation request directly to the host. The reservation request at this stage shall not be consider, either from you or the host, as a booking confirmation.

Upon receipt of your request and as soon as possible within the following days, the Host will check his availabilities and will send you a confirmation email with a secure online payment link. This confirmation of availability may sometimes take several days due to the remoteness of certain villages and the possibility of the means of communication being limited. Nevertheless you can be certain that your request is already being processed and the Host shall do its best to respond you as soon as possible. As soon as you receive the confirmation of availability, the Host will block an option for your requested dates.

Upon receipt of the confirmation of the availability and in order to confirm and guarantee your reservation, you will be required to use one of the payment methods we facilitate to pay online the required amounts (Credit Card) within 72 hours since the reception of confirmation of availability. By making this reservation, you agree to these terms of payment and cancellation. The lack of payment will result in the immediate cancellation of your reservation.

Security deposit and Contribution: Once your reservation is confirmed, we will charge you a deposit equal to the 12% of the total amount corresponding to your reservation. This deposit also is considered your contribution as a donation to promote the development of the network and shall not be refundable under any circumstances. Village Monde is a socially innovative non-profit organization. The 100% of your contribution will be destined to the improvement and promotion of the platform, the development of the network of rural accommodations, or to support initiatives related to rural tourism within remote communities.

Deposit: Some accommodations may also require a down payment. We collect this deposit for and on behalf of the host.

Payment of Balance: On arrival you will have to pay directly to the host and according to the mutually agreed conditions the cost of your reservation and any other additional services not included in the booking and any applicable transport, service and/or tax fee, in accordance with the specific terms and conditions corresponding to your accommodation. We remind you that the payment method cannot be established by the traveler, being the exclusive choice of the host. Therefore the traveler shall be responsible for making any necessary arrangements in order to be able to make the payment of his balance according to the instructions provided by the host.

Preauthorized payment: During your booking confirmation, we take a preauthorized payment for the first night of your stay. This amount is released at the end of your stay and at the payment in full of your balance.

Terms of cancelation

We are obliged to apply strict cancellation terms because of the specificity of the rural accommodation offered in the platform. These accommodations do not have the financial capacity to assume expenses at loss in anticipation of your stay, and often provide benefits that directly benefit their community.

Thus, if you do not show on the scheduled date and time of arrival your booking may be fully cancelled. Any change in your booking must be previously communicated and agreed directly with the host at as soon as possible. No refund in whole or in part of the 12% guarantee deposit will be made.

In case of cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice or non-attendance at the expected date and time of arrival, the first night will be charged and automatically debited from your pre-authorized amount. In case of cancellation with less than a week notice of your expected date and time of arrival, 50 % of the amount of the first night will be charged and debited from the pre-authorized amount.

Frequent Traveler Program

For frequent travelers Village Monde, their contribution of 12% shall be cumulative within each legal year (from January 1st to December 31st). If you wish to contribute with more than the usual 12%, you can complete your contribution with a donation through our online donation form. This additional donation will be added to your 12% contributions on the booking platform and shall constitute your total contribution.

A donation receipt will be issued for any total contribution equal to $ 50 or superior.

These conditions of payment and cancellation have been written in French. This translation into English is informative. The French version shall prevail in case of doubt.

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