Cooperation project

Campung Dunia Wolokoro, Flores, Indonesia



Design and creation of 3 ecolodges and a common room within the Wolokoro village in order to promote and develop a village-based tourism off the beaten track in the respect of the environment and the local cultures.

The issues

  • Resilient local economy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Respect for local cultures
  • Autonomy

The objectives

  • Contribution to the diversification of livelihoods of rural communities on the Island of Flores
  • Improved capacity of local populations, especially women and youth, in the areas of sustainable tourism, entrepreneurship and communications
  • Increased efficiency of collaboration between actors, knowledge transfer and improvement of tourism infrastructure
  • Reduce the digital gap

The actions

  • Realization of the ecolodge plans
  • Construction of the ecolodge
  • Training offered to tourism operators: hotel management, reception and customer service, supply and training for the use of computer tools
  • Improvements and construction of new infrastructure

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