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The Context

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked and highly mountainous country in Central Asia (average altitude over 3,000 m) and is located along the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. It is a former republic of the USSR, and gained its independence in 1991. It ranks 117th (out of 188) in the 2016 UN Human Development Index.

Although livestock farming, the country’s traditional activity, is highly developed in the mountainous regions, there is also agriculture, especially in the plains. It is considered a central part of the country’s economy as it accounts for nearly 33% of GDP and 43% of employment. The literacy rate is very high (97% in 2001).

Nevertheless, the development of this country is difficult and poverty level is high. There is also a strong political and social instability since its independence (governance problems, deep corruption). Moreover, its geography makes it particularly vulnerable to climate change. There is also 64% of the population living in rural areas and 60% of them are living with less than 3 USD per day.

Kyrgyzstan is a little-known but popular destination for its nature and adventure tourism, it is also becoming increasingly popular, especially with people from other former USSR republics (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan). From 1 million visitors in 2010 to 4 millions in 2016, the number of visitors have increased notably, which has a significant impact on the country’s GDP.


  • Kyrgyzstan is an unknown destination. It is a paradise for hikers looking for varied and grandiose landscapes: from immense meadows and high altitude lakes (Issyk Kul or Song Kul), to the highest and most spectacular peaks of Central Asia (Pamir Alay mountain range), passing through the forests of the Arslanbob region. The richness of this country also lies in its people. Of semi-nomadic origin, they have to this day retained a strong attachment to their ancestral way of life, which they share with travelers in a warm and simple manner.
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  • Potential long-term partnerships with Arugam Bay Tourist Association, Passikuda Tourist Association, North East Tourist Association, North Tourist Association.

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