Exploration in Solidarity Lands



The Context

Surrounded by sea, mountains and desert, Algeria is a North African country located between Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Mali and Niger where nearly 45 million people lives. Algeria was a French colony that regained its independence in 1962.

Today, it is a region largely developed. In 2019, Algeria obtained the highest Human Development Index (HDI) in Maghreb and the 3rd highest in the African continent. Thus, Algeria was ranked by the UN in 82nd place out of 189 countries in its annual report on the world ranking according to the HDI.

Moreover, according to the World Bank, Algeria is one of the few countries that have managed to reduce poverty in 20 years. Nevertheless, although it is a country rich in landscapes and natural resources, it still faces challenges related to education and health. Algeria has many rural areas, which are scattered areas, with a real lack of social infrastructure and amenities. The country is mainly an agricultural country and it also lives from the exploitation of hydrocarbons. Those represent 40% of GDP, 94% of exports and a third of tax revenues. 

Unlike Morocco and despite its rich heritage, Algeria attracts very few international travelers. Tourism is therefore mainly internal. Developing sustainable tourism in Algeria would allow people in search of encounters and authenticity to discover a rich country and to participate in the economic development of communities.



  • This country shines by its almost destabilizing authenticity, its richness, its cultural diversity but also thanks to places, registered in UNESCO, such as the valley of M’Zab in Ghardaia, where we discover a very conservative social order.
  • Many actors are present and want to enhance the cultural heritage. For example, they want to restore ksours to develop sustainable initiatives.
  • From the mountains of Kabylia, to the confines of the Western Erg, passing through the Mediterranean beaches and making a stop in the various ancient jewels that are the archaeological sites dating from the Roman era, such is the diversity of experiences that travelers will be able to live who want to discover areas still little frequented by international tourists.
  • 14 accomodations / 15 experiences
  • Consolidation of the new partnership with the organization Izourane Algérie and marked interest of the association Tawrirt and some lodges to develop a structuring project.

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