Cooperation Project

Development of a Resilient Low-Carbon Local Economy in Mangrove Areas in South Benin

Communes of Grand-Popo, Comé, Kpomassé


The Issues

  • Restoration of the mangrove
  • Ecotourism
  • Resilient local economy

The Objective

  • Establishment of an improved economic model of mangrove plantation and economic valuation of their resources
  • Mobilization of different actors for carbon offsetting through a web/mobile technology tool allowing the restoration of mangrove areas and the ecological monitoring of restored spaces
  • E-promotion and e-marketing of mangrove-friendly tours and ecotourism experiences to the international travel market
  • Increased income for the agri-farms by improving their production capacity and integrating short circuits

The Actions

Development of Local Entrepreneurial Potential

  • Technical and financial training of young people on activities related to the development and protection of mangrove areas
  • Entrepreneurial consulting for the realization of a viable business plan
  • Training in eco-counseling for local elected officials
  • Assistance in planning and monitoring of environmental protection actions
  • Research and funding support mechanism

Support for the Restoration of Mangroves and Promotion of Carbon Offsetting

  • Ecological monitoring of the hectares of restored mangroves
  • Restoration of 85 hectares of the Mono Biosphere Reserve
  • Awareness and information on carbon offsetting: conferences, meetings, crowdfunding…
  • Creation and provision of a web/mobile application to mobilize stakeholders for mangrove restoration and ecological monitoring of restored areas

Support for the Promotion of Mangrove Eco-Tourism

  • Awareness raising through the development of mangrove areas
  • Provision of Village Monde branded experiences and tours on the Vaolo marketing platform
  • Integration of mangrove restoration and protection activities into eco-tourism experiences and circuits

Assistance to Agri-Farms

  • Training for the promotion of agrotourism farms: cooking, accommodation, reception…
  • Documentation in the form of technology packages on good practices for farms and fish farms
  • Training of farm managers on good agro-ecological practices
Communes de Grand-Popo. Comé et Kpomassé

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