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With Village Monde, you can calculate the footprint of your travels (travel and accommodation) and act in favor of the climate by contributing up to your CO2e emissions to international solidarity projects.

Village Monde- Mangroves economy carbon solidarity project.

Greentriper Project : Cookstove Project in Benin

Mangroves économie is a carbon contribution project supported by Village Monde and Eco-Bénin.

The Greentripper Cookstove Project in Benin, supported by Eco-Benin, is a Gold Standard-certified carbon contribution project. 

Project A : In Benin, as elsewhere in the world, it is estimated that 40% of mangrove ecosystems have now disappeared, due to overfishing and the sale of timber, among other causes.

Mangroves play a crucial role in the fight against climate change. It preserves coastlines, solidifies soils and protects coasts from wind, waves and storms; it harbors a diversity of wildlife, and represents an important resource for local populations.
It is also a valuable carbon sink, with a capture capacity 3 to 5 times greater than a forest.

The Mangroves Economie project aims to plant, protect mangroves.

Project B : In Benin, wood is the main source of energy in rural area. The daily use of wood by Beninese households represents a risk of deforestation and environmental degradation.  

This project aims to distribute in the communes near the Pendjari National Park, a “Wanrou” cooking equipment. More efficient and less wood consuming, the goal of this project is to reduce the use of wood by communities.  This action also allows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to improve the quality of life of the local populations and contributes to women empowerment. 

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