Offset your carbon footprint

Calculate the carbon footprint emitted by your trip and then offset it by investing in international solidarity projects, that’s what Village Monde offers you. 

Village Monde Project : Mangroves Economy

Greentriper Project : Rwanda Water Project

The Mangroves Economy project is a carbon offset project supported by Village Monde and Eco Benin with mangroves’ planting

The Greentriper Rwanda Water Project is a Gold Standard certified offset project

Project A : The Mangroves Economy project supported by Village Monde aims to improve the living conditions and resilience of 11 200 disadvantaged people living in environments highly impacted by climate change.

The objective is to reduce the pressure of these rapidly growing populations on their natural resources and to protect fragile ecosystems through the development of ecotourism as an alternative, inclusive and sustainable means of livehood in the mangrove and sub-arid zones of Benin.

Project B : The people of Rwanda do not have easy access to clean water. Water is often collected from polluted sources. To make it fit for consumption, it must first be boiled.

This process leads to deforestation, as wood is the main source of fuel for most Rwandans. In addition, the process of burning wood is bad for (indoor) air quality, causing many respiratory problems.

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