Cooperation project

Miavotra: sustainable and resilient economy in the rural community of Ampahomanitra

Region of Vatovavy, Ampahomanitra, Southeast of Madagascar



To diversify the economy of the Fanatenantsoa association in order to increase the income of the peasant members and to promote the integration of resilient agricultural practices in the daily life of everyone and to promote the sustainable development of the community.

The issues

  • Sustainable and resilient economy
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Agrotourism

The objectives

  • Diversify agricultural production to adapt to climatic conditions and become income-generating
  • Capacity building of the association and its members in useful and accessible areas
  • Sensitize youth to the protection of ecosystems and motivate them to integrate sustainable development practices



  • Setting up an organizational action plan
    15 members of the
  • Fanantenantsoa association took part in the training.

Women's leadership workshop

  • 22 people took part in the workshop
  • 70% of the women in the association have started to revive the basket-making activity together
  • 70% of women start to get involved in beekeeping


  • 15 members of the Fanantenantsoa association took part in the training course
  • 2 young local organizers made exchange visits to Manakara
  • 15 hives installed
  • Beekeeping equipment supplied

Ecological, sustainable and resilient farming practices

  • 300 fruit and farm trees were planted
  • 3,000 m² have been exploited by young people for reforestation and various market garden crops
  • Vermicompost and composts are already being used to boost soil fertility

Integrating sustainable development practices into everyday life

  • First harvest worth 75,000 Ar
  • Setting up a school garden
  • 107 students in the 6th – 4th grade were introduced to environmental protection for the 2023-2024 school year via an environmental education training workshop.
  • A workshop was held to study the implementation of a permanent environmental education program at the Collège d’Enseignement Général (CEG).

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