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Calculate and Offset Your CO2 Footprint

Let’s face it: humans are putting a lot of pressure on the planet through their consumption choices and their pace of life. In everyday life as well as when travelling, we must be aware of this. As travellers, we sometimes use transport that emits large quantities of CO2e : thousands of planes take off everyday from all around the globe which is part of the problem. But it’s also all the choices we make once we arrive at our destination that have an impact on the environment and local communities, such as our choices of accommodation, activities, resources use and so on. At Village Monde, we recommend making conscious choices even before you get on the plane. At any time, before, during and after your trip, a variety of actions can be taken to limit the impact of your visit. And since it is impossible to reduce your impact to zero, contribute to your carbon  by supporting projects that benefit the environment and local populations is the complementary solution we propose and encourage.

For More Information

Carbon footprint, impact reduction, compensation… what is really behind these different terms? To better understand these themes and the reasons why Village Monde offers you its compensator, take a few minutes to watch this explanatory video.

Be a Volunteer

Be part of the Village Monde movement by joining our community of volunteers.

Committed Volunteer

Would you like to contribute to a viable global living together that respects people and ecosystems? Become a volunteer to support our global mission on an ad hoc basis or as part of a mandate according to your interests and experience.

Solidarity Volunteer

Want to maximize the benefits of your trip by certifying village-based tourism initiatives? Take part in the solidarity explorations and meet the communities.

Make a Donation

You have a busy schedule but still want to contribute to our actions? It is possible to make a donation. We are accredited to generate donation receipts in Canada and in France.

Donation for the NGO’s Mission

Make a donation to support Village Monde’s global mission.

Donation for a Targeted Action

Make a donation for a specific project of your choice.

Aeroplan Donation

Make a donation in the form of Aeroplan points.

Become a sports ambassador

Want to get active to support our initiatives? Combine business with pleasure by turning your next sporting challenge into a fundraising tool to contribute to Village Monde’s mission.

How does it work?

Fill in the form below, introducing yourself and telling us about the challenge you’d like to take on (marathon, bike or other). We’ll then add your profile to the Village Monde public marketplace, so you can share and complete your fundraising before the big day!

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Join Our Community of Partners

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La Mano del mono

Field Partner

Actors at the forefront who are most familiar with local issues and who make it possible to set up and implement projects by and for the communities.

Innovation Partner

Actors who make it possible to develop new approaches in our projects and to create networks and new collaborations.

Financial Partner

Actors who bring our initiatives to life.

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