Cooperation project

Voa-Jary: Support for Rural Entrepreneurship and Integration into Green Employment in Antanambao Dzamandzar, Northern Madagascar

(March 1st, 2024 to  March 31st, 2025) 


Empowerment of rural communities, particularly disadvantaged young women and girls, through income-generating activities in agribusiness and resilience to climate change 

The challenges

Augmenter les faibles revenus maintenant la population de Dzamandzar dans la précarité et réduire le pourcentage élevé de pertes des récoltes par manque de conservation et transformation.  


  • Build capacity in entrepreneurship, agro-ecological techniques (agri-food and arboriculture) and cooperative management, particularly for young women’s and girls’ associations.   
  • Strengthen the knowledge, skills and involvement of young people and women in the creation of green entrepreneurial activities and in issues related to human rights, in particular those governing GBV.   
  • Define, identify and demonstrate opportunities for processing/preserving and marketing fruits and derivatives, as well as new socio-economic opportunities, including the creation of new jobs, particularly for young women and girls.   
  • Improve and strengthen the organizational and operational capacities of youth associations and groups.     

The actions

In order to ensure inclusive availability and access to safe, nutritious and affordable food, the creation of new employment opportunities and decent livelihoods, in addition to the protection of natural resources and biodiversity, the project envisages the following activities:   

  • training in green entrepreneurship and leadership in a context of gender equality; in cooperative management (organizational and operational management); in techniques adapted to food and climate, in particular those in agro-ecology (production processes, processing and conservation) and arboriculture;   
  • technical and material support, including the creation of a business plan and sales outlets on the local and tourist markets, including a sanitary block for extension and learning;   
  • follow-up and support activities, as well as awareness-raising campaigns on environmental issues, human rights – particularly those relating to gender equality, gender-based violence and all forms of discrimination – and sustainable tourism. The target audience will be farmers, members of associations and youth groups, especially women and girls, who are heavily affected by the effects of climate change and sexual violence in Nosy Be.    


Local partner : MATOR 

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