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Public Square

The public square is a meeting place for citizen engagement. Local communities and explorers can submit their own projects, which will be evaluated according to their alignment with our values and mission. What’s more, volunteers wishing to donate their time, energy and knowledge can also apply for projects that interest them. In this way, the public square brings initiatives to life, building bridges between projects and individuals who share Village Monde’s values. It’s also a simple and accessible financing tool for raising funds for one’s project, or contributing directly to Village Monde’s mission.

In order to ensure the evaluation and follow-up of projects put forward on the Public Square, 4% of the funds raised will be donated to Village Monde.

Before submitting your project, it is important to read the eligibility and evaluation criteria of the public square.

Ongoing Projects

Here you’ll find all the projects run by the organizations and individuals we support. They need your help!


Here you’ll find profiles of volunteers ready to commit themselves to various causes around the globe.

Rachel Antoni​

I’d like to put my skills at the disposal of a cause that’s bigger than us, like education, the environment or women’s empowerment.

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Megan Poulin

I found a 4-week assignment with Asturs, in Peru, to help update the association’s website and translate the programs they offer to promote their community-based tourism.

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Cynthia Allard

I found a 3-month assignment in the Lwang region of Nepal, to establish a diagnosis and develop a network with local stakeholders for the implementation of a sustainable community tourism ecosystem in this region.

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Share Your Initiative and Commitment in the Public Square


Do you have an innovative project idea, but lack the resources to bring it to life? Advertise your project to seek donations and/or volunteers.


You have time and motivation, but don’t know where to invest your energy? Post your application to offer your services as a volunteer.

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