Cooperation project

New-Brunswick / Quebec



Selection, training and coordination of young explorers from Quebec and New Brunswick on interprovincial mobility missions to promote the Canadian Francophonie and Acadia through sustainable travel. 

The issues

  • Promote the Canadian Francophonie in Acadia and Quebec
  • Highlighting Francophone and sustainable tourism initiatives
  • Strengthen the ties between Quebecers and Francophones and Francophiles in Canada

The objectives

Impacting Francophone youth

  • 50 young people (18-35 years old) from New Brunswick, Francophones and Francophiles, and from Quebec, made aware of sustainable tourism
  • 15 young people that completed the online training course “Become an explorer” covering the challenges of sustainable tourism, the criteria for labelling initiatives and the role of the explorer, recruited
  • 3 young New Brunswick Francophones or Francophiles and 3 Quebecers selected to explore target Francophone or bilingual communities and tourism initiatives

Impact on the Francophone and bilingual tourism industry

  • 30 accommodations and 100 activities in Quebec and New Brunswick labelled and promoted by the Vaolo platform following explorations
  • 150 tourism businesses directly or indirectly impacted in New Brunswick and Quebec
  • Creation of inspiring French-language content highlighting sustainable itineraries and tours in both provinces
  • Participation in promotional campaigns between the two provinces to generate greater reciprocity between Quebec and New Brunswick outbound markets

The actions

Identification of francophone and sustainable tourism initiatives

  • Identification of target regions where there is a high proportion of Francophones and a recognized tourist and cultural activity
  • Mapping of Francophone and bilingual sustainable tourism initiatives in New Brunswick and the provinces bordering Quebec

Training young Quebecers and New Brunswickers to be explorers

  • Selection of candidates
  • Training with a series of lectures and preparatory activities
  • Exploration: discovery of sustainable tourism initiatives identified in each province
  • Labelling of the tourism initiatives they have visited

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