Cooperation project

Sustainable Tourism for the Empowerment of Women and Youth

Regions of Diana, Sofia and Boeny



Sustainable empowerment of women and youth in rural areas of Madagascar through the promotion of sustainable tourism practices, sources of employment and additional income.

The issues

  • Increased motivation of women and youth to enter the labour market
  • Capacity building in useful and accessible areas (entrepreneurship, sustainable tourism, marketing)
  • Increased capacity of the local partner to support tourism development in the target regions
  • Improved access to financial and non-financial resources for women and youth

The objectives

  • Increased participation and motivation of women and youth in the target regions in economic activities related to the sustainable tourism sector
  • Increased income through sustainable tourism development for women and youth

The actions

Promotion of the work potential in the sustainable tourism sector

  • Awareness-raising workshops on the inclusion and potential of women and youth in the tourism sector provided to women, men and youth in the target regions

Support for the skills development in the field of sustainable tourism

  • Training in tourism and marketing
  • Workshop to raise awareness on the principles of sustainable tourism and the protection and enhancement of the environment.
  • Follow-up evaluation with the beneficiaries to measure the degree of appropriation of the training

Local partner support

  • Technical assistance for the implementation of a training plan in sustainable tourism, marketing and digital connection
  • Technical assistance provided for the diagnosis of the intervention areas (Label) and the design of experiences and connected community ecotourism circuits in the targeted regions
  • Tools and communication strategy developed for the promotion and digital marketing of sustainable tourism initiatives in the targeted regions

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