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The Dream That Brings Us Together

Village Monde promotes a journey to the heart of the planet, of encounters, respect and authenticity. Through its actions and commitments, the organization contributes to a viable planetary living together, rich in our differences, respectful of people and the ecosystems we inhabit.

Actions That Commit Us

More specifically, Village Monde promotes the growth of sustainable tourism in remote areas as a source of development, sovereignty and pride for communities, and a source of discovery, inspiration and change for travellers seeking to meet new people, experience authenticity and share experiences.




actors of change



Heading for Adventure

Over the years, we have traced various paths to progress for the realization of our mission.

Solidarity Explorations

We offer a voluntary exploration program that allows travellers to give another meaning to their stay by getting involved in missions to meet local tourism actors with impact.

International Cooperation Actions

We carry out projects that aim to develop a resilient economy and that promote inclusion, autonomy, the creation of local short circuits and the reduction of the digital gap.

Global and Environnemental Citizenship Education

We aim to raise public awareness to sustainable travel as a tool for opening up to world citizenship, to a collective living together based on values of equality, solidarity and peace between peoples.

Promotion of Sustainable Initiatives

We create the link between community-based tourism initiatives and travelers seeking authentic experiences and human interaction through the collaborative platform Vaolo.

Explore New Horizons

Wherever we set foot, we are guided by the principles of sustainable and inclusive development. We are active in several regions of the world and multiply initiatives in order to reach a maximum of actors of change in the various communities. Then, thanks to the Vaolo platform, travelers get the key to access these responsible destinations.

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorer : Tanya Lécuyer

Duration : 16 days

Exploration Area : Uzbekistan – Tashkent, Chimgan, Forish, Nourata, Samarcande, Gilan, Boukhara, Khiva

  • Capital: Tashkent
  • Language: Uzbek
  • Population: 34 627 652
  • Currency: SUM ouzbek

Setting the context: Uzbekistan is a country in central Asia sharing borders with Turkmenistan, Kirghizistan, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. A small part of the country touches the Aral Sea, but it is still considered as doubly landlocked since you would have to go through at least to other countries to get to a Global Ocean. The capital of Uzbekistan is Tachkent, the city…

Exploration in solidarity lands

In progress


Explorater : Debbie Imhof

Duration : 3 weels

Exploration area : Mexico – Mexico, Puebla

  • Capital: Mexico
  • Language: Spanish
  • Population: 129 150 971
  • Currency: Mexicain Peso (MXN)

Setting the context: The mexican culture is rich and complex. Born from the fusion between indigenous and colonial traditions and beliefs, it never ceases to fascinate historians, anthropologist and archaeologist. This mix of cultures has also…

Cooperation project

In progress

Pacchanta City, Cusco Region, Peru

To create an ecotourism project rooted in the Pacchanta Community in ACRA (Aera de Conservacion Regional Ausangate) to offer a more reliable income for guides and local families.

  • Generate a constant job offer for the guides in the region and enable the training of new guides
  • Improve the offer for international tourists through the implementation of an attractive circuit and accomodations with higher standards
  • Support a fair priced alpaca wool market and the hand made products by increasing the number of visitors

Partners : NOVA ERA ORA S.A.C. organisation and Living Light International

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorers: Denis Lyonnais

Duration: 20 days

Exploration area: Bolivie – La Paz, Copacabana, Santiago de la Huata

  • Capital: La Paz
  • Language: Spanish
  • Population: 11 639 909
  • Currency: Boliviano

Setting the context: Bolivia is located in South America, and its administrative capital, La Paz, is perched at over 3,500 m altitude. Landlocked and wedged between 5 borders (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Peru), it is the poorest country in the region. One Bolivian in 8 lives on less than US$1.25 a day…

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorers: Claudia Vachon

Duration: 8 weeks

Exploration area

  • Capital: Buenos Aires
  • Language: Spanish
  • Population: 45 millions
  • Currency: Argentinian pesos

Setting the context:Argentina’s landscapes offer a striking contrast: a desert separates the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains from the Atlantic Ocean, not to mention the jungle, crystal-clear lakes,…

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorers: Amélie Jette-Masse

Duration: 8 weeks

Exploration area

  • Capital: México
  • Language: Spanish
  • Population: 133,642,035
  • Currency: Moroccan dirham

Setting the context: Mexico is a Latin American country, bounded in the southeast by Guatemala and Belize, and in the northwest by the United States. It is a very large territory, with almost two million square kilometers… 

Cooperation project

In progress

Vatovavy Region, Madagascar

To diversify the economy of the Fanatenantsoa association in order to increase the income of the peasant members and to promote the integration of resilient agricultural practices in the daily life of everyone and to promote the sustainable development of the community.

  • Diversifying agricultural production to adapt to climatic conditions and become income-generating
  • Capacity building of the association and its members in useful and accessible areas
  • Raising awareness among young people about the protection of ecosystems and motivating them to integrate sustainable development practices

Partner: Madagascar Tourisme Rural (MATOR) & Mahay Expédition

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorers: Stéphanie Gravel-Couture

Duration: 8 weeks

Exploration area:

  • Capital: Rabat
  • Language: Arabic and Berber
  • Population: 37.34 million
  • Currency: Moroccan dirham

Setting the context:Morocco is located in the extreme northwest of Africa, bordering Algeria, Mauritania and Spain. Bordered by both the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the country offers a rich diversity of landscapes, mixing mountainous regions, desert areas and…

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorers : Tanya Lecuyer

Duration: 12 days

Exploration area : Algiers, Tipaza, Kalâa Ath Bès, Ghardaïa, El Menia, Timimoun

  • Capital : Algiers
  • Languages: Arabic and Berber
  • Population: 44.62 million
  • Currency : Algerian dinar

Background: Between sea, mountain and desert, Algeria is a North African country situated between Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Mali and Niger where nearly 45 million people live.

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorers : Isabelle Vitté and Charles Mony

Duration: 23 days

Exploration area: Pangalanes Canal in the East, Central and South-West regions

  • Capital: Tananarive
  • Language: Malagasy
  • Population: 27.69 million
  • Currency: Ariary

Background: Madagascar is a huge island off the southeast coast of Africa. It is one of the 5 poorest countries in the world and 75% of the population lives below the poverty line…

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorers: Gaétan Mony, Elodie Pellequer and their two daughters aged 5 and 2 and a half

Duration: 10 weeks

Exploration area: Zanzibar Island, Arusha and the Kilimanjaro region, Southern Highlands (Morogoro, Iringa and Mbeya)

  • Capital: Dodoma
  • Language: Swahili
  • Population: 59.73 million
  • Currency: Tanzanian shilling

Background: Tanzania lies between the great lakes of East Africa and the Indian Ocean. The country covers just under 950,000 km2 and has a population of 60 million, 65% of whom live in rural areas…

Exploration in solidarity lands


Sri Lanka

Explorers : Laura Mony

Duration: 40 days

Exploration area : Itinerary through the whole of Sri Lanka

  • Capital : Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte
  • Languages: Sinhalese and Tamil
  • Population: 21.92 million
  • Currency: Sri Lankan rupee

Background: Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is an island in the Indian Ocean, about 30 kilometres southeast of India, characterised by religious, cultural and linguistic diversity…

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorers : Isabelle Vitte and Charles Mony

Duration: 13 days

Exploration area: Central (Naryn region), South (Osh region) and a bit of Central (Jalal-Abad region)

  • Capital : Bishkek
  • Languages: Kyrgyz and Russian
  • Population: 6.592 million
  • Currency: Som

Background: Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked, extremely mountainous Central Asian country (average altitude over 3,000m) along the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean…

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorers: Charles Mony and Isabelle Vitte

Duration: 20 days

Exploration area: Northern (Tigray), Central (Amhara) and Southern (Southern Nations and peoples) Ethiopia

  • Capital: Addis Ababa
  • Language: Amharic
  • Population: 115 million
  • Currency: Birr

Background: Ethiopia, located in the Horn of Africa, is, with a population of 100 million, the second most populous country in Africa but one of the poorest in the world…

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorers: Charles Mony and Isabelle Vitte

Duration: 9 days

Exploration area: North-West (Banc d’Arguin National Park) and North (Adrar desert) of Mauritania.

  • Capital: Nouakchott
  • Languages: Arabic and French
  • Population: 4.65 million
  • Currency: Uguiya

Background: Mauritania is a poor country, ranked 155th (out of 188) in the United Nations Human Development Index in 2016, and in 2018, 17% of the population was considered to be below the poverty line.

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorer : Denis Lyonnais

Duration: 16 days

Exploration area : Central and South : Cayo, Stann Creek and Toledo

  • Capital : Belmopan
  • Languages: English and Kriol
  • Population : 397 621
  • Currency: Belizean dollar

Background: Belize is a tiny Central American country nestled between Mexico and Guatemala that declared its independence in 1981…

Cooperation project


Karen Mogensen Reserve, Nicoya, Costa Rica

Implementation of an environmental education programme for 120 students from 10 villages and towns around the reserve.

  • Improvement of the living conditions of the targeted rural communities
  • Protection of the Karen Mogensen Reserve through environmental education of young people and promotion of sustainable tourism.
  • Increased capacity and knowledge of local communities in the preservation of the forest and its biodiversity and in the use of resources in the context of the challenges posed by climate change.

Partner: Asociación Ecológica Paquera Lepanto Cobano (ASEPALECO)

Exploration in solidarity lands



Explorers: Isabelle Vitte and Charles Mony

Duration: 14 days

Exploration area: Kangerlussuaq, Southern Region (Narsarsuaq) and Illulissat

  • Capital : Nuuk
  • Language: Kalaallisut
  • Population: 56,421
  • Currency: Danish krone

Background: Greenland is a self-governing Danish territory with an area of 2.166 million square kilometres, 87% of its population being Inuit, the island’s indigenous community. The territory is characterised by very harsh climatic conditions that make the living conditions of the inhabitants difficult…

Cooperation project


Nouveau-Brunswick, Quebec

Select, train and send young explorers from Quebec and New Brunswick on interprovincial mobility missions to promote the Canadian Francophonie and strengthen ties between Quebecers and Francophones and Francophiles in Canada

  • Promote the Canadian Francophonie in the Acadian and Quebec territories
  • Promote sustainable Francophone tourism initiatives
  • Strengthen the ties between Quebecers and Francophones and Francophiles in Canada

Partners: Acadian Peninsula Tourism

Cooperation project


Ontario, Quebec

Training and coordination of the sending of several explorers from Quebec and Ontario from one province to the other. The purpose of these mobility trips is to promote a rich and mobile Canadian Francophonie.

Contribute to the development of Francophone and Canadian communities in Canada
Promote and encourage the use of French in Canada
Strengthen ties between Quebecers and Francophones / Francophiles in Canada

Partners: Société économique de l’Ontario (SEO)

Cooperation project


Regions of Diana, Sofia and Boeny, Madagascar

Sustainable empowerment of women and young people in rural areas of Madagascar through the promotion of sustainable tourism practices as a source of employment and financial resources.

  • Highlighting the potential of the sustainable tourism sector among women and young people to accompany and support them in their integration into the labour market
  • Training and workshops for capacity building in relevant and accessible areas (entrepreneurship, sustainable tourism, marketing)
  • Support and technical assistance to local partners in promoting sustainable tourism initiatives

Partners: Madagascar Tourisme Rural (MATOR) & Mahay Expédition

Cooperation project

In progress

Benin, Communes of Grand Popo, Comé and Kpomassé

Development of a resilient low-carbon local economy in mangrove areas in South Benin.

  • Mangrove restoration
  • Ecotourism
  • Resilient local economy

Partners: Eco-Benin & Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) & CO2logic

Cooperation project


Campung Dunia, Flores, Indonesia

Design and creation of an ecolodge in the village of Wolokoro in order to promote and develop village tourism off the beaten track in respect of the environment and local cultures.

  • Promotion of village tourism and development of an accommodation network on the island of Flores
  • Empowerment of local people through entrepreneurship
  • Supporting a resilient local economy through ecotourism

Partner: Campung Dunia Otonomi

Testimonials From Our Partners

Be Aware of Your Carbon Footprint

Let’s face it: humans are putting a lot of pressure on the planet with their consumption choices and their pace of life, both in their daily lives and when they travel, and we need to be aware of this. At any time, before, during and after a trip, a range of actions can be taken to limit the impact of our visit. Since it is impossible to reduce our impact to zero, offsetting our carbon footprint in projects that benefit the environment and local populations is the complementary solution that we propose and encourage.

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