Cooperation project

Solidarity Trek Ausangate

Pacchanta, Cusco Region, Peru

(From October 27th to November 5th 2023)


This solidarity trek in the Andes Mountains is possible thanks to the collaboration of the Living Light International non-profit organisation and a body of entrepreneurs, people of heart, aiming to crocreate an ecotourism project based in and for the Pacchanta community. Lead by the moutain guides, who are also residents of the small community, the solidarity trek from October 27th to November 5th 2023 is an opportunity to increase their capacities since they will have to welcome future visitors, but also to create a guide cooperative which will purchase the necessary materials with the funds gathered and ensure the durability of the project.

The issues

  • Resilient local economy
  • Ecotourism
  • Autonomy

The objectives

  • Generate a more constant job offer for the guides in the region and enable the training of new guides
  • Improve the tourism offer, especially for international tourists through the implementation of an attractive circuit and accomodations with higher standards
  • Support a fair priced alpaca wool market of hand made products by increasing the number of visitors

The actions

Develop a sustainable tourism offer

  • Minimise urban migration by driving the regional economy forward through guide employment and other jobs linked to the tourism industry, generating a more reliable income.
  •  Contribute to the purchase of the materials needed and establish a training plan for future guides
  • Support the consrtuction or modernisation of accomodations as to reach international standards

Train towards autonomy

  • Create a sustainable economy thanks to the tours and the national and international tourists it attracts
  • Introduce the locals to today’s tourism market and online tools to increase visibility through new platforms
  • Create a legal structure as a cooperative for a fair organisation

Preserve the traditions

  • Support the alpaca wool products sales through responsible commoditization
  • Ensure that local knowledge on farming and agriculutre is preserved and passed down to younger generations
  • Preserve sacred sites and natural environments through reforestation efforts in the high altitude region

Want to join the trek from October 27th to November 5th 2023 ? We still have room for new participants ! Contact us at

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