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Econoler and Village Monde announce their partnership to foster sustainable tourism, the development of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy

Quebec City, Novembereconoler-002 15, 2016 –   Econoler and Village Monde are pleased to announce the signature of an agreement under COP 22 which is currently being held in Marrakech. Drawing on their mutual synergy, both Quebec-based organizations are uniting forces to foster sustainable tourism and the development of energy efficiency in remote regions of the planet.

This collaboration agreement combines Econoler’s expertise in implementing diverse international development projects in both energy efficiency and renewable energy with Village Monde’s sustainable tourism know-how. These partner organizations are confident that this initiative will support local socioeconomic development in remote regions while limiting rural depopulation.

“Access to renewable energy is a major problem for remote regions in many countries”, says Charles Mony, founder of Village Monde. “More than a billion people do not have access to electricity, most of whom are located in remote regions in developing countries. We often see superb and responsible village tourism initiatives halted by this problem. That is why I am so enchanted by this agreement with Econoler.”

Inspired by Charles Mony’s engagement toward fostering environmentally responsible village tourism, Pierre Langlois, president of Econoler, firmly believes that energy efficiency and access to renewable energy not only improve the living conditions of communities, but also contribute to protecting the environment and foster the development of initiatives supported by Village Monde.

To learn more about Village Monde activities and consult a list of environmentally responsible village tourism destinations, visit their website at www.villagemonde.com.


About Village Monde:

Village Monde is a socially innovative and philanthropic organization that promotes wealth producing and securing future initiatives to improve the living conditions of remote and marginalized communities everywhere on the planet through social, economic and environmental benefits generated by sustainable tourism. www.villademonde.com

About Econoler:

Econoler is an internationally renowned consulting firm with 35 years of experience in designing, implementing, evaluating and financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and programs. www.econoler.com

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  1. The development of the energy efficiency sector and the transition to renewable energy is a big step towards the development of economy and truism.

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