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AMIWASI is a training project for the touristic businesses and associations that want to offer a more responsible experience to their clients, with as a goal to generate revenues in their community and contribute to the protection of the environment. We invite you to watch the following videos and download their complementary documentation to discover tools and ideas applicable to your organization!

Training modules


Benefits of tourism in the community

In addition to being invested in the protection of the natural and cultural heritage, income from tourism allows the improvement or at least the maintenance of the quality of life of the local population.

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Inclusion of women and youth

Your role is to encourage and initiate actions so that women and youth have more job opportunities in your community.

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Respect and protection of the environment

Protecting the environment is a priority, as much for the success of your business as for the well-being of your community.

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Authenticity of the touristic activities

The authenticity in the touristic offer is found through interesting and original activities based on the environment and the local traditions

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Hospitality and customer support

The relationship you develop with your customers will directly affect their appreciation of the destination

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Promotion of your touristic organization

Tourism is an economic sector that benefits particularly from the use of digital tools to promote itself since the majority of its customers are far away.

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Quality and authenticity of the accommodation

We invite you to take note of the four categories offering Village Monde’s certification, which allows you to qualify your accommodation as "responsible".

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The power of the group

There are many forms of alliances that you can make as an entrepreneur that will help you propel your tourism project.

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You want to launch a sustainable tourism project in your community?

Download this guide to know the required steps to do so.

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