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New Headquarters for the Organization VILLAGE MONDE

VILLAGE MONDE, a humanitarian organization working in solidarity and village tourism by supporting development projects in remote and isolated villages around the world, is relocating and installing its new offices in La Maison Blanchette, 4187 cote de Cap Rouge, Quebec City

VILLAGE MONDE  is setting up its new offices in the heart of old Cap Rouge, an historic area of Quebec next to the majestic St Lawrence River. This is where Jacques Cartier and his companions wintered during their first year in Quebec. Jacques Cartier, the famous navigator and explorer, was the first European to have navigated and mapped the St. Lawrence River, ultimately giving birth to Canada.

What a beautiful symbol for VILLAGE MONDE to have this historic area as a base from which to set off to explore the world anew and to develop village tourism, a responsible, sustainable, and equitable tourism.

New Premises for VILLAGE MONDE

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