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Campung Dunia, VILLAGE MONDE Development Project Starting Up on Flores in Indonesia

VILLAGE MONDE, encountering the villages of the NGADA region with Gilles Raymond, The Water Carrier Otonomi Project for local development.

Project Campung Dunia Indonesia

Camping Dunia … VILLAGE MONDE is developing a new network of solidarity and village tourism in the Ngada region, in the heart of the verdant island of Flores.

Located east of Bali, in the heart of the Sunda Islands, Flores has a stunning coastline of 375 km, … The interior of the island, covered with mountains bearing lush tropical vegetation and dotted with volcanoes and waterfalls, is simply magnificent. Far from any sightseeing tour, the island of Flores has kept its authenticity and is a true paradise for the traveller looking for solidarity and alternative tourism. From village to village, you discover communities isolated from the outside world, all the while retaining a tradition of welcome towards the traveller.

The Water Carrier … It is in the Ngada area around the small village of Wolokoro, full of creative energy, that Gilles Raymond founded and continues to organize Otonomi, local development projects … to provide access to water and make remote villages autonomous, giving them access to new sources of sustainable development to lead them out of poverty … Wolokoro is located opposite the Inerie Volcano in the midst of lush vegetation and surrounded by plantations.

Welcoming and proud, it is natural that these villagers at the end of the world came together to create the Otonomi Tourism cooperative and have appropriated Campung Dunia, (Village Monde in Indonesian), to develop their own micro-initiative in alternative and village tourism.

Village Monde is associated with this project offering hope and a source of sharing.

Learn more about this local development project in Indonesia.

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