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Our new explorations have started!

Quebec, March 14, 2016 –  Village Monde began its explorations to Benin and Costa Rica!

Also in order to support sources of life and wealth generating initiatives in remote communities, new destinations in several villages of Costa Rica and Benin will be explored by the founders of Village Monde in the coming weeks. The exploratory mission in Benin, conducted by Charles Mony, began on March 12, 2016, while the one in Costa Rica, conducted by Isabelle Vitte, will begin on March 15, 2016. In addition, Charles Mony will take this opportunity to visit some villages in Burkina Faso, to encourage village initiatives in the region. New accommodation will be available on our platform upon the return of our explorers. Follow us closely to see the development of these projects and learn more about this new type of tourism that is  village tourism.

Village Monde is an original initiative of Charles Mony, a successful technological entrepreneur and founder of Creaform, and, recently, of Danielle Valiquette, Chief Program Officer of several international organizations, including ONE DROP and Oxfam. Founded and based in Cap-Rouge, where Jacques-Cartier landed more than 450 years ago, Village Monde is at the crossroads of technological entrepreneurship and international development. The organization aims to promote wealth generating initiatives and improve living conditions in remote communities around the world, while providing access to a new type of tourism: Village Tourism.

World Village: a seed planted by citizens without borders.

Lac Nokoue, Bénin

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