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An Exploration Mission to Casamance in Senegal

VILLAGE MONDE explores and validates a network of accommodations and village tourism in Casamance

Exploration Mission to Casamance in Senegal

Our First Exploration Mission VILLAGE MONDE in Casamance
Located in the south of Senegal between the river and the ocean, Lower Casamance is a magical place where every village, every encounter, and every smile allows us to discover the culture and the friendliness of its predominantly Jola inhabitants. Casamance is also a must for lovers of ecotourism with its natural resources, rivers that wind among the islands and mangroves, the beauty of its landscape, its tropical vegetation …

Casamance in Senegal was also a pioneer in the emergence of Village and Equitable Tourism by developing accommodations managed and operated by the local inhabitants of the villages. Rural projects on a human scale and integrated into village life allow those communities to self-finance their schools, clinics, …

With support of Luke Dagès, and our guides Ousmane and Mas, we explored Casamance to better understand how to integrate into Senegal this new mode of tourism and new ways of encountering others in the spirit of respect for the host culture.

Elinkine, Efrane, Enampore, Seleki, Coubalan … Some of the villages we explored …
We came back enthused and with a renewed motivation to develop this new mode of tourism …

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